Monday, January 19, 2009

Engagement Party Madness: Secondo Parte

As relaxed and intimate was my parents' engagement party, the engagement party Sig. Keswick's parents threw for us was out of this world. His parents covered all the bases and hit quite a few homeruns in the process. These are the wonderful details my future family thought of:

It was at their home in Rochester, so they bought a propane heater for the back deck to expand the gathering space (even though we TOTALLY lucked out with the unseasonal 50 degree weather). They hired a professional pianist, bar tender, and caterer that made delicious, delicious food.

They rented small bistro tables and had ADORABLE centerpieces (with little mini-engagement rings from Michael's).

My future mother-in-law made a small album of us to share with the guests.
m&ms AND chocolates with our names and the wedding date on them (i'd show you but . . . they have our names on them), and a two-tiered cake perfect for a wedding. (Sorry I don't have a better one of the cake. ) Isn't the little present cute? For any Rochester Brides, let me know if you want to know the caterer and the baker. The cake was a moist sour cream cake with caramel & hazelnut praline filling.

Wedding Tradition Tip: When cutting one's engagement party cake, the bride makes the first cut on one side and the groom makes the second cut to complete it, rather than the two holding the knife at the same time.

And then during the toast, Sig. Keswick's parents almost made me cry with their sweet sentiments. Then they presented a watercolor of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the location where Mike proposed to me. His mother actually saw it the day after we became engaged, which was the same 8 years later that we first sat there with our when we met.

I felt so special during that evening and my family felt so welcomed and assured that their daughter was marrying into a wonderfully loving and caring family. I don't think I could name one favorite detail from the whole night, but if I had to, it would have to be the strong sense of family that permeated everywhere.

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I didn't know that about the cake cutting!
Sounds like a great party!

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