Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Invitations are in the mail...

Kapow! I dropped the invitations in the mail yesterday morning - cross your fingers that they're correctly postaged and addressed and people actually receive them. I keep feeling this dread that I forgot someone! I guess that's natural.
I can't believe it but I forgot to take any pictures of my invites. Gahh! I'm sorry I'm a bad blogger. I think I did share a picture of the linen invite with the paperbag-type envelope? Here's our final product, if I hadn't shared it already.

Then for inserts we just included this homemade RSVP postcard (made over at OvernightPrints.com).

And then we included a plain little notecard with hotel and travel info on one side, and then directions from the hotel to the venue on the other side. I just set it up in InDesign and printed 4 to a page on some recycled card stock I had left over from my christmas card making (I got ambitious this year, doesn't usually happen!).. Of course I don't have a big paper cutter so I just eyeballed it and they're all a tiny bit crooked! I guess that's part of the charm.
Then we took one of these babies and rounded the corners to make the directions card and the rsvp postcard a bit more official looking. We actually didn't have that exact corner rounder but I love Impress, I'm sure that one's good too!
For the addresses, we did not budget for any kind of big-time calligraphy job, and my handwriting is sorta inconsistent, so we decided to go with envelope wraps. You know something like this. Well it seemed like such a great idea and not too difficult, especially with handy templates like you can get from that site I just linked to. But it would be a heck of a lot easier if someone actually sold pre-cut labels of that size! I had planned to go to FedEx Office and have them cut down to size but then I got impatient, I wanted it done Now, so I just printed them at home and eyeballed them with plain old scissors.. Since I forgot to take pictures, I can't show you how they turned out but, yeah, croooked. Of course Mr. Fairfax insisted they were perfect and awesome and nobody would care if they even noticed anything was uneven (he's so nice to me).
In the end our invites weren't terribly fancy or well put together but I'm pleased! And soooper excited that they're out of my hands! Now we just wait for the rsvps to start rolling in..

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