Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Downside of Weddings, the Fur Edition

The day is getting close. We’re starting to formulate to do lists and schedules for the weekend of our wedding. It’s all very exciting! Then, last Thursday, we wrote down a scheduled line item that gave us pause.

“Thursday evening: drop off dogs in with Mr. JeffM’s parents in Maryland.”

It makes sense. Friday morning, all of our flowers are being delivered to our apartment, and I’m going to be spending a good portion of the day making six bouquets and 21 centerpieces. On top of that, I’ll be finishing up the cupcakes for our wedding cake. (Man, I got tired just typing that out!)

Having fluffy fur people, no matter how cute they are, bouncing around the apartment, getting into everything will more thank likely end in flower carnage and cupcakes all over the floor. So our little darlings, Clover and Horatio, must be shipped off to their grandparents.

It’s something I never really thought about. I mean I knew, intellectually that the dogs would have to go. I mean it’s not like we’re going to leave for our honeymoon and let the dogs have the run of the apartment. (“See you guys! Don’t forget to water the flowers!”) It wasn’t until recently, however, that it dawned on me that my little buddies weren’t going to be around, and we weren’t going to see them for over a week.

I feel silly, but it’s such a depressing thought! One of my favorite parts of the day is when I walk through the door, and there are two happy puppies who cannot wait to see me. They cuddle with us when we watch movies, do homework, etc. They’re so amazing whenever I’m sad or feeling upset. And to think I’m not going to have my furry little support system wandering around during one of the most stressful and crazy weekends of my life is, well, sad!

Are you worried about this kind of pet-induced separation anxiety?

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Blogger AllieBoBallie said...

That is really sad. Could one of your neighbors watch them for the wedding weekend, so that you could see them? And then they could got to the grandparents house for the duration of the honeymoon? Or maybe a nearby dog day care so that you can have them in the evenings?

I already know that I want my dog in, or at least at, my wedding. But she doesn't get in the way or destroy things, which makes my life as a dog mom easier. Our new puppy is welcome, too, if he grows into a well-behaved adult dog... and if he is willing to wear a yarmulke. ;^)

Friday, February 12, 2010 10:49:00 AM  

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