Friday, February 23, 2007

Relationship Therapy or Lessons in Love

It's at that six month mark - where all the magical deadlines start to appear.

Once such deadline is mandatory couples counseling. Church requires it, so we're going to do it. But it got me thinkng of relationship health, and reminded me of an article I read awhile back and saved: http://washingtonian.com/articles/weddingguide/2201.html

It's about marriage education and its mitigating effects on romantic strife. As much as I love all the wedding esthetic hoopla, my primary focus is building a sustainable relationship.

But I admit, I was a little apprehensive when I first read the article and then started considering doing something preemptive (at the time I didn't know that we would have mandatory counseling). Would we be in effect saying that there might be something wrong by entertaining such courses?

As I'm about to embark on couples counseling it's all moot, and once I rationally thought about it, this is a lifetime we're talking about. I might want to do all that I can to prepare myelf and us for it.

Calling Chocolate Brown Envelopes

Am I looking in the wrong places? But why is it so hard to find reasonably priced chocolate brown envelopes. I've found some great bulk paper sites like, thepapermillstore.com, and envelopemall.com, but no chocolate brown envelopes. I've found a few metallic bronze envelopes sites - but not in MHO reasonably priced.

Am I expecting too much?? If anyone has answers I'd love to hear them!

Wedding Templates

Now I KNOWWW this is going to be useful! There are always a TON of posts on the boards requesting templates - this site responds - offering a multitude of different wedding templates from progrand invites to RSVP cards and Excel budgets.
A colleague just told me about this, and I had to check it out right away. I think that this is a great resource!!! Templates are an excellent starting point on the road to customization, which by now you know I'm all for.

Love this find!

Google Page Creator

I posted previously about free wedding website creation, and here is another one for you, and in my humble DIY opinion, even better, easier, and snazzier to boot!

Googlepages! If that darn google just doesn't come out with a new add-on, or make-my-life-more-simple tool every day.
Just an FYI: I've been Google Page Creater to create my wedding website, and I'm really having a great time with it.

Check out these other really cool google services:

TLC Perfect Proposal

This is the story of Jeff & Nat: Jeff is a 3D computer animator, who used his proficiency to propose to his girlfriend in the most very romantic way.
Watch the video and then tell me: Now how sweet was this? Maybe it's cause I'm about to hit the 6 month mark - WoOHoo - or maybe this is just REAALLY romantic, but I actually teared up when I watched this - it was just so sweet.

FREE! Papersource Workshop

Papersource is offering a FREE paper workshop! I say FREE - as I sceam it in capital letters because there workshops usually come with (in my opinion) hefty fee. But, you can check them out for FREE this weekend, if there is a paper source in your neck of the woods: