Tuesday, July 31, 2007

INVITATIONS! (Finally....)

So, I realized this morning that I have been a little remiss about posting my invitations. These were a labor of love, and getting them to the post office no small feat either.
Without further adieu, here they are:

As you can surmise, our colors (well, our reception colors) are chocolate brown and gold.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm a "let-out" Bride *sigh*

I had my first fitting today! Yes, I KNOWWWW the wedding is only a month away.... But the benefit of a custom made gown is that it actually fits me perfectly, well, almost, I gained a tad bit of weight since I first took my measurements. I should say it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do - take measurements after you get out of the hospital, but hey, the dress needed to be made.

The dress wouldn't fully zip up. Seems my chest area has blossomed with the 5 or so pounds I've gained, so we need to let out the back area just a bit. Create a bustle, take in the hips slightly and we're ready to rock and roll.

I'm actually thrilled, thrilled, thrilled with the way the dress looks. It fits like a glove and is absolutely fabulous. I really couldn't ask for more. Well, maybe for someone to do my hair, but that's another story.

All these expectations

I've run into the expectations roadblock, yet again. Other people's. This time it's my shower. The fiance and I do not have a big registry, there's not a lot we want, and we'd prefer, a) the money frankly, b) to grow into our new home, and buy the items when the need arises, and c) the money frankly.

This desire, I suppose, presented problems for my shower because people have been bugging me to create a registry shower, and to give them lists of things I want. But, to be honest, I really want very little. I tried to register for a whole bunch of lingerie on Amazon, but my quite conservative family thinks that these are not, excuse me, appropriate registry items. They'd like to see more bathroom, bedroom linens and kitchen do dats. Well, I don't. Not really. And I've tried to convey what I do want - lingerie, spa stuff and maybe some perfume.

But, this presents a problem. So I told my aunt that if my choices are not satisfactory to tell people to buy me what they feel is appropriate. It's all the same at this poin to me. They don't want that. What they really want is for me to give them the items that they feel are registry worthy, buy them and for me to oooh and ahhhh over them. In the end, I racked my brain for things to tell her to relay to the rest of the wedding registry propriety committee, and I'll just be happy with whatever they decide I should have.

Do I sound bitter? I am. So much of the wedding planning has been about fielding and negotiating with everyonelse's expectations of what a wedding should be, and less about what will make us happy. People get very proprietary about what they think is right.

But this shower discussion is not a battle that is worth fighting for me. People throw showers as an expression of their love for you, and if the only way to accept that love is to love what they want me to love. So be it. It's only an afternoon of smiling. And I'm sure I'm going to bake something soon....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Under Garments

Well, on my jaunt to Macys yesterday I tried on a whole host of shapewear. And narrowed it down to Maidenform's Fleexees shapewear. Specifically,
I also checked out the favored Spanx and felt that it just really didn't spanx me anywhere. Now I know that I'm practically committing blasphemy by saying so, but spanx really just didn't do it for me.
The hook up fleexee really cinches in my waist which is exactly what I want from shapewear, and is high enought that it sits right under my ribcage. I'm sold!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Interesting prospects at Macys Jewelry

Yesterday while shopping at Macys for under garments for my bridal gown, I happened across the jewelry department. I always enjoy looking at the sparkly things.

They had the ring I wanted. I decided to try it on for fun (I've never been a big fan of buying jewelry at department stores and the like because I'm always just a little suspicious about the 50% off sales. Just how BIG a mark-up is there????) But, I digress..... So, I tried it on, and it felt like the ring had found a home on my finger.

Then the salesperson casually mentioned they were having *surprise* a 50% off sale starting August 5, but he also gave me a coupon for an extra 10%, and then if I open a Macys account I can obtain an additional 15% (which I was really loathe to do, but might succumb to for the additional discount). So after everything is said and done the ring would be 75% off. At this point I figure this may be something to consider. I've got another week or so of looking and then I'll HAVE to make a decision.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shopping trip

I'm off to NY in literally half an hour. About to visit my old haunts and score some material and hoopla for my veil, and some other material for my ring bearer pillow, and any other sewing project I dream up between now and then.....

All of this sewing is going to be completed next weekend at my out of town bridal shower.

I'm really looking forward to it! I think it's going to be a great time to bond with my aunt. As I mentioned before I was looking for ways to include people who wanted to help, and this was one way to include my aunt. Still racking my brain. But, as time draws near, and tasks keep cropping up, it's getting easier and easier....

Friday, July 20, 2007

My dress!

I finally received it (yes, I know there's only a month left)! My dress has been a well worth saga, not for the faint of heart, but a risk I was willing to take.... I had my dress custom made - but the custom making process for this new bridal company required a couple of re dos. And as they say, third time's a charm!

I am so pleased with the outcome of the dress! This dress is a compilation of two different dresses that I liked. Here are a few pics:

I have to admit, I felt myself clamming up on the "so you have your dress question," along the way because I just felt people wouldn't understand the, "no, I don't have it yet," and would want to get into a lot of discussion and give me a lot of well intentioned, but stress inducing advice. So, I kept mum. Why risk it at all? Because I paid less than $700 for a truly fabulous custom made to my measurements silk satin dress. And as you must know by now, I will pander to the discount!

But all is well - it's here now! Safe and sound in it's dress bag in my closet (is this proper storage technique), and my alteration appointment to get this baby bustled is Monday.

Things are falling into place!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hairy decisions

Ok, so it's a corny title....but it's late at night, and I'm tired so give me a little leeway. I think I've finally decided on what to do with my hair. All along I thought I wanted my curly unruly hair blown out and pulled back and up,

and the other day my fiance rented Norbit, and I saw Thandie Newton's wedding day hair and absolutely LEEEOOOVED the style. I wish I could post a picture, but I haven't been able to figure out a way yet to download it from the movie.
But, halfup, half down is my new motto. Not quite Thandie's hair in the movie, but hey, you get the gist.
I just hope the DC heat and humidity will be forgiving......

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wedding band delemna

Up until now I've tried not to be swayed by wedding "must dos," and wedding "must haves," but when it comes to our wedding bands I have to admit that I've been pondering band etiquette a little more than my pratical mind would like. Case in point. I would like a stand alone wedding band.
Meaning a band that I can wear on its own that has some presence given I'm a 5'9'' female with long fingers. I have taken to styles such as:
My fiance is less than enthusiastic. He states emphatically that our bands must be solid round orbs of gold (our element of choice), and can have no open spaces (which in his mind symbolize some sort of fissure in our impending marriage.) I, on the other hand, believe no such thing, and only see a really really cool ring that I'll be happy to rock every day.
Fast forward to wedding planning meeting #27 at this mother's house where somehow the subject of wedding bands and our lack thereof came up. Not only was my fissure filled style shot down, but most aunties were in agreement that we were to have matching bands! Matching bands! We haven't even considered the possibility. I left that planning meeting, a little unsure about my banding (heh heh) desire to go for the cool over the traditional.
I have to admit I feel a strange sense of pause on just eschewing this whole his and hers, no holes, solid union idea. The superstitious and symbolic part of me feels like perhaps we aren't putting forth a solid display of marital unity, but rather complete independence. What does it all mean? What does my fissure ring say about my ability to become part of a unit?
But then the rational, more rebellious side of me says, "who cares, does this really all matter." "Get a hold of yourself, and let the wedding brain go!"
And ultimately, I think no, this does not really all matter. We matter, the manner in which we make decisions together, and the things we decide to do as a couple, not whether our bands match. The insanity subsides....
We'll stick with our original ignorance. If we didn't know we needed to be matchy matchy before, why change things now.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Involvement Update

As I mentioned, I had been thinking of creative ways to get everyone involved, and I've taken a few steps. I've asked my aunt who is a seamstress to "help me" create my veil read have her make my veil. When I go home in a couple of weeks for my Canadian shower I will be armed with tulle and embellishments, combs and whatever other hoopla I'm forgetting at the moment and we'll sit down and have a really touching few hours together.

I'm actually getting really sentimental thinking about it.

I've decided to hold a ceremony and program making get together so that all parties can get together and feel like they contributed in a little way to the preparations (since I kept the whole invitations project in my own two hands.....oh pictures coming by the way, I've been a tad negligent about that.....)

I'm still finding ways with little over a month (omigosh!) left before the wedding, especially as the "to do lists today" get longer and more detailed. *sigh*

Friday, July 13, 2007

I need another DIY project like I need.....

I was perusing my usual wedding haunts when I came across instructions for a DIY project that I had been contemplating: making a whimsical cake stand.

The rational side of me says your current DIY projects have taken over whatever wedding sanity I have left, yet I continue to contemplate this latest idea. What is it you ask?

Cake stands!
Awhile back I thought it would have been fun to create my own wedding stand. I could make something really unique and fun. But, alas with a month and a half to go, and more pressing enterprises like creating my wedding programs afoot, I think I may have to leave this one for someonelse's wedding. *sigh*