Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Wish Upon a Wedding and Get Married Join Up!


This is my opportunity to give a little shout out to a cause I personally believe in. I am overjoyed to hear this news and hope our readers will as well. If you are or know of someone who could benefit from Wish Upon a Wedding, please contact me. Mrs. Nearlywed.

In an unparalleled union to support the mission of Wish Upon a Wedding, starting today Wish Upon a Wedding will be the charity of choice & the National Media Partner for Get Married Media, Inc.

Get Married Media will increase the organization’s exposure both nationally and within local chapters on behalf of Wish Upon a Wedding by supporting the organization & the wish recipients! Look for ads in the Get Married Magazine and on their weekly TV show on WE!

Wish Upon a Wedding and will also be featured on the Get Married Blog. And if that isn’t enough…they have agreed to consider features on the wedding wishes & videos shot by our wish granters including showcasing the wish recipients weddings on their TV show.

The entire Get Married Media family have worked so hard on our behalf, and this just goes to show that they truly believe in our cause and mission. As America’s first non profit wedding wish granting organization, it’s important to us to have such great endorsements from the best of the best and Get Married does that for Wish Upon A Wedding.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Six months ‘til the wedding and LAID OFF?

Upon my arrival at work last Monday morning my boss informed me that I was being laid off. Not the best news to hear when you’re planning a wedding. Maybe I should have seen it coming—working as an editor for a small company that recently lost a client. I was the last to join, I was the first to go. Logically it all made sense (for them anyway), but it was indeed a blow to my wellbeing.

Amid my stress and frustration, Mr. Cathedral Heights reacted with understanding and empathy, assuring me that we’ll make our bills and have the wedding we’ve been planning in September. Our parents are helping us with the wedding costs quite a bit, which saves us from having to drastically cut costs.

As I’m sure you’d imagine, the past week has been difficult for me—full of mixed emotions at this situation. I have had consistent, full-time work for more than nine years, since graduating college, so this state is rather unfamiliar to me. I've been attempting to stay positive by working out, searching job listings, networking, and continuing with the wedding planning, but I’ve also had days where I just want to hide in bed and read an escape book (The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman, has been excellent for that).

I realize that I’m not the only one dealing with a layoff right now, and I need to appreciate the positive parts of my life—that I’m marrying a caring, kind, intelligent man and I am able to lean on him, friends, and family for emotional support. But, there’s always that other side of me that just wants to drown in sorrow and self pity, as hard as it is to admit that here.

My friends who have dealt with a layoff seem to give common advice: Take your time and figure out what you want to do. In the meantime, I have plenty of wedding tasks to keep me busy!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here I Come, Big Apple!

Not this upcoming weekend, but the next, I am heading up to Connecticut to Mrs. Gallery Place's home (she's my amazing Matron of Honor) for my bridal shower with a bunch of my friends. Immediately following the shower, we are hopping on a train to...

New York City!

Apparently my bachelorette party is going to be a night out in the Big Apple! I have no idea what’s going on for either the shower or the night out in New York City, and the suspense is KILLING ME! The rumblings I have heard have been such a tease. The one thing I do know was that there is a dress code, and even though it’s based pretty much one what I wear regularly, I wanted an outfit that was special. I didn’t want to roll up to my party in an outfit that could double for going to work.

The dress code is jeans, fun black top, fun shoes. After some searching, I came out with a pretty awesome outfit.

This ruffle tank. It’s black, even though it looks gray on screen.

Under this ruffle cardigan. (Did you know that I love ruffles?)

Fun zebra shoes.

…and this little fun bag from J Crew.

Not only am I looking forward to it from a “OH MY GOD! WEDDING!” perspective, but it’ll be nice to have a little mini weekend trip away from the DC area, too.

What are you guys doing for your showers/bachelorettes? Are you/did you have fun picking out your outfits?

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Do You Already Have the April 2010 Issue of BRIDES?!

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It wouldn’t be a wedding without… The editors of BRIDES talked to wedding consultants and recently married couples all over the U.S. to find out about their personal wedding-day traditions (p 262)

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How can you save $1,000 on your reception music? iPod your wedding! From track suggestions to troubleshooting – BRIDES makes it easy (p 118)

For brides thinking about a beach wedding – we have some tips and great ideas to make sure it’s a success (p 130)

Wedding gifts are exciting – but not if there’s nowhere to put them! BRIDES has a few suggestions for merging and purging while keeping everyone happy (p 150)

America Ferrera stars in the new film Our Family Wedding – which tackles issues many couples face when bringing their families together – check out the BRIDES interview with America (p 158)

PLUS, 25 new ideas for table names (p 312)

For these stories and more, pick up the latest issue of BRIDES, at your local newsstands.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Wedding Dance Specialists

Get a head start...
On your private lessons by starting with this popular wedding dance workshops on:

March 21 in Columbia, MD and March 27 in Falls Church Workshop attendees who are our Facebook fans qualify for a discount on private lessons.

Click here to qualify for savings! $25 per person 75 minute class For details about the workshops, Visit: The Wedding Dance Specialist

Let's cut to the chase.

This workshop is designed to make you sweat, blush, feel intoxicated and high on life as you gaze steamily into your lover's eyes.

It's time to get down and dirty, hot and flirty as you prepare for your honeymoon or relive it! P.S. We cannot be held liable for any babies conceived as a result of this class... ;)

Workshop dates: March 21 in Columbia, MD and March 27 in Falls Church VA. For more details check out our website $20 per person :55 minute class Register NOW as space is limited!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Fellow nearlyweds and readers...

I'm sorry I've been absent. There's been a lot going on and there's a lot I have to share. It's not all good news, unfortunately, but not all bad either. First of all, my hunny and I have decided to postpone our wedding. There's a few other nearlywed misses that can relate to this decision. We just needed more time to plan and execute our ideas.

Also, any of you that have read or followed my previous posts (here, here, and here) know that my family didn't want us rushing down the aisle. While a one year engagement might be ideal for some, a year and a half engagement is what's best for us. My dad and stepmom, in particular had a lot to do with this decision. They wanted us to take our time and that's exactly what we've decided to do.

I'll be honest that at first, my fiance and I resisted changing our wedding date, which was scheduled for Ocobter 24, 2010, but I cannot tell you how relieved we are to have six more months of planning time. After a few long talks with our folks, some reviewing of the budget and our to do lists, we've decided to wait to get married this time next year in the spring of 2011. Again, this shouldn't come as a big surprise since I blogged about all of it. I blogged about my confusion about if I should have a fall or spring wedding, as well as getting my parents approval.

Rest assured, things are going well and we're really happy with the direction we're headed in. The additional time has we've given us all a chance to take a deep breath. It's taken a lot of pressure off of my parents and I feel confident that we're making the right decision.

The bad news is that I don't intend to blog for DCNearlyweds for an entire year. While I'm really excited to have an additional six months of planning time ahead, I don't think it's fair to other wannabe bloggers and to readers for me to blog for such an extended period of time. Plus, I don't want to commit to it since I'm moving at a much slower pace than I was. We're not in any hurry to book our vendors or start the DIY projects. We're really taking a step back from the wedding planning to enjoy the engagement and focus on other things.

Did any of you push your wedding date back?

Were you glad that you did?

Like I've mentioned, the decision to have our wedding next spring is one I'm really happy with and it finally feels like things are moving smoothly and in the right direction. I can't tell you the difference its made to have our families onboard and to be able to slow down with the wedding planning! We're even going to have an engagement party in May, to quench our thirst for a celebration.

I really hope you readers and fellow nearlyweds understand my decision to quit the blog. I love all of you and have a deep appreciation for the online wedding community, because you guys are just so awesome! I was so excited that I was able to blog for DCNearlyweds, that I never thought I'd give it up; however, I have given this a lot of thought and it's only fair to open up my spot to another bride blogger who fits the criteria of getting married in the fall 2010.

In a few months I may be ready to start blogging for a mainstream site again. In the meantime, I'll still be blogging on my own sit (here) a little and I'll definitely be by to check for updates on all of you and wedding inspriation too!

Take care and happy marriages to you all!

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Beau-coup's Spring Sale is HERE!!!

This week, Beau-coup is having its annual Spring sale! Save up to $50 off your purchase and get ready for the sun!

Hurry though because the sale only lasts until this Thursday 3/18 at midnight! You can check out the sale page here: http://www.beau-coup.com/promo/ and please share the news with your readers, twitter or facebook followers! Thanks!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Not Too Late to... "Flaunt Your Rock"

The mother-daughter wedding photography team, Ever After Visuals located in the VA, DC, MD is currently hosting a “Flaunt YourRock Contest” asking engaged women to submit photo’s of their engagement rings.

The winner will receive a free engagement session and a 20 page Gold Signature Guest Album.

For more information about how to "Flaunt Your Rock"

One last thing……time is of the essence since the deadline for submission is 03/17/2010.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wedding Lessons

In the beginning of my first Spanish class this evening, I felt frustrated. I couldn’t understand the teacher, I had trouble following her, and I didn’t know what she wanted me to say when she pointed at me. Over time, I felt more comfortable asking questions and stumbling over words and sentences in front of the class. My entire body went from stiff and anxious with worry to loose and calm. By the end of the class, I was giggling at myself with the group as I stumbled over verb conjugation.

Taking Spanish for the first time could be compared to many of my wedding planning experiences so far. Whether photography, decoration, clothing, music, chairs, transportation, or gift bags, almost every part of the wedding planning process requires learning a new skill—or learning a lot about a skill, which is tough in the beginning. I spend time researching, talking to experts, reading, gathering thoughts and ideas from friends and family, listening to more and more thoughts from friends and family, until I eventually feel more comfortable making a decision. I mean, how was I supposed to know about cotton versus linen napkins, or the timing of the speeches and dances, or the equipment that every wedding photographer should have on hand, or how long the first song should last? I never paid attention to things like that before.

I’m currently learning Spanish so that I can better communicate with Mr. Cathedral Heights’s family. Originally from Peru, his immediate family speaks English fluently, but they often mix in Spanish. And, since I know that they speak English when I’m around to make me feel more comfortable, I would love for them to feel comfortable speaking Spanish around me as well, and I want to be able to respond in Spanish. So, I figured it would help for me to understand and speak it myself (or try anyway)! My goal is to learn a little Spanish before the wedding in September, so that I am able to speak some Spanish with his relatives traveling from Peru.

We also decided to incorporate a bit of Mr. CH’s native language into our ceremony by asking our mothers to read poems in English and Spanish. I looked into this online and found out that bilingual weddings are a growing trend. Salma Hayek married her husband in French; actress Malin Ackerman and her Italian husband asked their fathers to read love poems in English and Italian at their wedding; and Eva Longoria said her vows to Tony Parker in his native French, while he recited his vows in her native English. Celebrities aside, I’m thrilled that the wedding will incorporate a touch of Mr. CH’s cultural background. I would love to find other ways to incorporate our family history, traditions, and culture into the wedding. For this week, though, I’ll focus on my verb conjugation.

Hasta luego!

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wish Upon A Wedding- National Awareness Week

March 1, 2010 marked the first day of the National Awareness Week for Wish Upon A Wedding.

Wish Upon A Wedding was founded in January of 2010 in San Francisco by a group of wedding and business entreprenuers.

The purpose of Wish Upon a Wedding is to produce weddings and civil union ceremonies at destinations across the USA for terminally ill individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. With twenty chapters across the nation, we are ready to begin making dreams come true.

To qualify for Wishes, applicants must be unmarried legal citizens of the United States, over the age of 18, who have been diagnosed with less than three years to live.

Simply apply online to request one of three wedding types: URGENT (Up to 10 guests, in hospital or at bedside); BOUTIQUE (up to 25 guests, in home town of applicant); ROMANTIC (Up to 50 guests, at any WUW destination)

Wish Granters needed in all locations. Please apply online today to start helping us make Wedding Wishes come true.


Monday, March 01, 2010

Operation 26 Days and Counting: Misson 2, Get Permission from the State

I think Miss Fairfax and I are living dual lives. Mr. Glen Echo and I have completed Mission 2 of Operation Countdown: Get Permission from the State!

(YAY! Half way there!)

As I learned in Family Law last summer, marriage is a contract between three parties: 2 people who love one another and the state. The state in some circumstances is the most important party of the contract in that it determines how, when, where and what benefits are given to those who chose to enter into this agreement (because as much as we want to always think of weddings, there are civil benefits and responsibilities that must always be considered when one gets married).

Being proponents of equal rights, Mr. Glen Echo and I are beyond ecstatic that we will share in this grant of state approval with all couples, regardless of how or who they love. We are waiting for the day that Maryland allows marriage as a complete civil right, but will take the fact that the Attorney General has declared recognition of gay marriages performed in other jurisdictions in this state. This is a huge step forward.

YAY for us! Now all we need is a ceremony and cake!

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