Friday, June 22, 2007

Far far away

I've been receiving a lot of sweet, thoughtful, repeated requests from family members and friends who want to help out with the wedding. I try to rack my brain, but there really isn't anything for them to do.

I'm an orphan in this town all my family and friends live in another country.... It makes it hard to dole out the tasks long distance. And the stuff I really need help with - the crafty kinda stuff, people can't really help with from so far away (read away from my watchful eye). But seriously, shipping materials, or purchasing them elsewhere just becomes a nightmare of organization.

What's a bride to do? I'm especially bummed about not being creative enough to think of a task to give my mom - but nothing really comes to me.

Is it wrong to feel badly because I'm not burdening my guests with requests for help? Cause I do. Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For those of you slotting and negotiating, aka trying to create a seating chart. Smartdraw is free - well, that is a "free trial" free and definitly worth the download.

I am about to enter the seating chart domain and glad to have this nifty tool by my side!

Check it out at http://www.smartdraw.com/

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So, I came upon this really great site where you can create custom forms, such as wedding rsvp's. It's all online, so these forms are really a great tool to link to in wedding websites.
Check out the many different varieties at http://wufoo.com/examples/

No, you can't study for wedding counseling

We went to our first wedding counseling session - and I have to say it was great. We have a wonderful connection with the Reverend who is going to marry us, and it makes all the difference.

At our first session, we completed a 160 question survey (yes, 160 questions), including questions about our relationship, family history,childhoods, and expectations for marriage. We get our results back next week, and I can't wait to see what they yield!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Final Cake decision

Ohhh, the highs and lows of wedding planning.
We made a final cake decision:
Found a great, super INEXPENSIVE baker.
I was in cake decision heaven, and now it appears that I will have to start over.
At first the baker was not sure if she had my date available as she was going on vacation around that time, but it turned out it was the week prior to my wedding.
Yesterday, I got an e-mail stating that her husband had surprised her with an extended vacation to visit her sister in NC. So they will be gone the weekend of my wedding!
No more baker.
*Sigh* Highs and lows.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

So Many Shoes, So Little Time

I too have been going down the checklist of things To Do. Everytime I get one more done, I feel relieved, until I realize how much MORE still remains.

As you know, I picked my ivory Melissa Sweet gown and chocolate brown Amsale floor length gowns for my maids (It still makes me feel strange when I call them that!) I have also reserved the reception space and the church, which I was THRILLED about. The Pastor has given us the green light. And just a couple of days ago I met with the florist. I decided on crisp white and green.

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I adore the yoko ono mums. I chose for myself a bouquet of mini white callas, white stock, yoko ono mums and hypernicum berries, and for my maids (there I go again) bouquets of white stock, yoko ono mums and white dutch roses which I never thought I'd like (being rose averse as I am) but which comes together so nicely. I wish I had pictures of everything!

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My flower girl (my precious step-daughter) will be carrying something similar to the maids with a single ivory Gerbera daisy to little-girl it up. She is seven years old and nearly my height. I must do all I can to draw the age distinction!

Next on the list is to find SHOES which has been an impossible feat (no pun intended, though I'm afraid it's too late to redeem myself on that one!).

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I have tried on 928908539 pairs of shoes and not found a SINGLE pair that even comes close to being comfortable. I need ALL the height I can get at 4 foot 10 and a 1/2! But I have a bad back and don't want to be crippled on my honeymoon come August! So, I believe I'll be heading to My Glass Slipper in Old Town today to the bridal shoe mecca. Just the thought of a whole store full of white shoes is enough to give me anxiety. I shutter when the Nordstrom's or Macy's salesman approaches me with a stack of boxes that could take till next Christmas to get through. I always have the nagging urge to run away while they are in the back room collecting more! My eyes are bigger than my desire to cram my feet into 800 pairs of shoes. And my feet hurt!

Tomorrow M and I will pick out his tux and the grooms men's tuxes. That should be fun. M is 6 foot 5. This may present a photographing challenge but I'm not too concerned. I just hope that they can find sleeves long enough to cover his arms and pants that will fit those long legs. I feel like a kid with a crush!

After that is deciding if I will wear a veil with my ultra-modern gown, finding a cake, buying a corset (even though I'm told I don't need one) and making up my mind whether we should really spend 300 dollars to have a limo when the church and reception hall are SIX minutes away from each other and ten minutes away from my apartment.

Any insights??