Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, the first two weeks of law school are almost over and I've done nothing but read and study and study and read and read and read (aside from basic life sustaining activities) ever since. But I did do one thing last night... I went to a "tasting" with my hubby-to-be at the Arlington Hilton to determine whether or not the food will be up to par for my NY Italian family (Read: very very picky about food.) The food was actually very good. Most surprising was future hubby falling in love with a spinach-stuffed chicken entree, considering he hates chicken and spinach! But here is my dilemna.... We are set on offering beef (filet mignon, most likely) and I did intend to offer chicken, but must we offer fish as well? What do you ladies think??

Where is everyone anyway? I know summer is almost over but... there is planning to be done! Noses to the grindstone girls! :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

DIY Cake - Sorta

Well, after going through the tasting process, I've decided that Creative Cakes is the bakery vendor for moi!

Each piece screamed MOIST, FRESH, and most of all DELICIOUS!

I truly recommend them from the deepest morsels of their wedding cakes to the light touches for teas, luncheons, bridal showers and birthday parties you may be celebrating...I'm so pleased

Since, I really wanted something different for my cake, I decided to draw to scale the cake I really wanted and allow the baker to base the final design of the proposed drawing...

Here's what I came up with:

Let me know your thoughts, I'll post the real-life inspiration next, but this design came from a conceptual idea of having both squre and round tiers combined, because I simply couldn't decide -

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back from Vacation and More Wedding Stuff..

Well, I just arrived from my 2 week animated vacation in Vegas - of course, since I journeyed with my fiancé and my parents, the running joke was that I'd elope while there and do some serious gambling...is this what Vegas has become or better yet, is this what I've become...lol

I suppose my rants and frustrated commentaries on the woes of pre-wedding planning

While in Vegas, I stayed at Ceasar's and couldn't help but laugh lovingly at their chapel tagline "Emporer of Weddings, Seize the Day" - how hilarious is that, but then again, I thought about the number of loving and lasting marriages started in that beautiful chapel (which was gorgeous by the way, laid out with beautiful lighting, lush greenery, red, white and gold flecked carpet and perky roses of a raspberry melon color)

It's a beautiful place and while I didn't tie the knot there, I wanted to spread the word of the beaut that is Ceasar's Chapel, in fact, while there, I witnessed 2 weddings, one of which the bride and groom were dressed to the nines in hip traditional and classic formalwear and the other where the Groom wore a linen tee shirt and yet both were equally great.

I'm catching up here to see what I've missed, you ladies have really been on the ball with the planning - can't wait to jump back in, but I really enjoyed the quick breather away from everything, especially work..haha

Glad to be back!

Wedding more than once?

Now, to be certain, I do not take cues from hollywood starlets when making decisions about my future. However, Pamela Andersen's recent decision to marry in several places legally and non-legally got the wheels in my head turning...

So I pose the question: Does having more than one wedding ceremony lessen the meaningfulness of the marriage/wedding?

My hubby-to-be and I are taking a much needed and well deserved trip to Turks & Caicos next week and ever since I heard about Pamela and her commemorative (non-legal) yacht wedding I've been fantasizing about getting married on the beach to my beloved without obtaining a license. But is this a cop-out?

I want my big (little) wedding with all my family and friends but there is still much to be said for having an intimate exchange of vows just to each other and before God. It would also help us to deal with some of pre-wedding guilt about not being married and co-habitating before the wedding. But what do you gals think?

The thought of being able to declare my committment to the man I love with just God above and the ocean behind us is one that is to beautiful to bear but will it ruin the big day if I let the guests know?

Clearly we would want to express our married state but I fear it would lessen the importance of our "official/legal" wedding day. I really would love to hear some of your insights...

I mean, who hasn't dreamed of a beach wedding? Right now it is seeming a bit more meaningful and romantic to me than a walk down the aisle at the local Hilton, but that's just me. I want it all... but can I have it all?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Quick Warning

I mentioned that bridal expos are not a bad idea when trying to find local vendors for your wedding. Unfortunately, being targeted for promotions and things like that can also come with giving your information out at these events. Case in point: I got a call from a woman from a group called 21st Century Today's Bride telling me that I had been registered for a drawing and had won a vacation from with this company. As it turns out, it's all routine for this company who end up trying to take hundreds, even thousands away from people they trick into buy their dinnerware and kitchenware products. If you ever hear from these people, hang up. What they do is unconscionable. I am also giving a link so you can see what happened to people who listened to them.