Friday, February 29, 2008

Nobody Told Me I Had To Get A Cake...

Due to uncontrollable circumstances our reception site is no longer able to provide our cake. What I thought was a checked box and a done deal suddenly became a new line on my "to do" list. They gave us two choices a) give us a credit for the price of the cake and let us bring in an outside cake vendor or b) serve our guests a plated dessert instead of cake.

We made up and are going with choice C) serve our guests a plated dessert and have a mini cake made for Fiance and I to cut. I'm actually pretty excited about this because our guests can have something that tastes waaaay better then a slice of cake, but Fiance and I still get the pomp and circumstance of the cake cutting.

The only problem is, I haven't done any cake research. I'm a major research addict and love information of all kinds. All of my vendors were researched to the N-th degree. I hate making snap decisions without all the info, but this late in the game, I knew I had to find someone fast. Even worse, we didn't have time to go down to Charlottesville for a cake tasting. I'm not too worried about this, though, because the cake is just for Fiance and I so even it's not the best cake in the world it's o.k.

So based entirely on the advice of my wedding planner and good reviews from other C-Ville knotties I went with Teri Edwards of Cakes Unlimited. Like pretty much everything in my wedding I want something simple with clean lines. This over circulated pic from the Cake Girls is my inspiration. Of course I know that it will be hard to re-create the magazine like perfection of that cake, especially since we will be using real flowers, so I'm not expecting an exact replica, but just something with the same vibe.

At first we were just going to get a small one layer round cake, but after talking to Teri she believes the cake will look better if it is two layers and she's throwing in the extra layer for free! I love a person who doesn't sacrifice their artistic talent over money.

The cake is going to be small but I think it will be SUPER cute. We bought a tiny 8 inch round cake stand at T.J. Maxx that we can loop a green ribbon through, and the bottom layer of the cake will be 6 inches round, and the top layer 5 inches round. The flavors will be chocolate with coconut filling and Irish cream buttercream icing. Can't wait to see how cute it's going to be!

Below are shots of some of Teri's more modern and simple cakes, but the woman has mad skills and can do all the fancy curls, swirls, dots, and frills of a more traditional cake. To check out more of her beautiful work visit her Pics Album on her myspace page.

^Had to throw in some cupcake porn for all the cupcake brides out there
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i gorman wedding event!

since i work in a building on the same street as i. gorman, i pass it nearly every day on the way to lunch or the metro. i stopped in for the first time today during lunch to try on wedding bands (even though we have another seven months) :)

nicole was awesome! she cleaned my ring for me and offered up a variety of bands to try on. the selection at this store is very well-edited and the customer service is outstanding--obvious from the various regulars that stopped in while i was there (must be why Miss Capitol Hill went back!). anyhow, i'm going to have to bring FI back but nicole told me about their upcoming wedding event.

all of i.gorman's designers will be giving trunk shows at the store on March 21 & 22; there'll be food, drinks and most importantly, 10% off on your purchase that weekend!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Tale of Two Veils and Two Shops

From the beginning of my wedding planning, I was pretty sure I wanted to wear a drop veil like the one pictured below.

^Photo credited to the super talented D.C. photographer Chris Baltazar. To see more of the beautiful bride check out the wedding of Heather and Moses on his blog!

I wanted my veil to be very sheer and simple, and I knew that I would not spend big bucks on a veil. Many of the veils I tried on at the shop ranged from $300-700. I had heard good things about Occansey Design and Veil Shop so I looked at both for a cheap drop veil. They both had them, but Veil Shop allows returns and Occansey Design does not, so I ordered two different lengths from Veil Shop. Overall it took about two weeks to get the veils in.

Unfortunately, it seems I'm just not a drop veil type of girl. I was swimming in fabric, it was unwieldy, and it just looked messy on me. Maybe I wasn't putting it on right, I don't know, but I knew I'd be fussing with it all day if I kept it for the wedding. So back they went. I haven't gotten my refund yet, but it's only been about a week since I sent them back. Otherwise my experience with Veil Shop was quite good and I'd recommend them.

So it was back to the drawing board. The problem was I had always envisioned myself in a drop veil, so I had no idea what type of veil would look good. I needed to try on a lot of different veils just to see the different styles, but I didn't want the hassle of going to a normal bridal shop and getting pressured to buy one of those $500 veils. So off to David's Bridal I went! It was awesome! They had a ton of veils in all different lengths and styles and they left me alone to try on to my heart's content. No pressure! I have to say, though, even their veils were still a little expensive ($100-250). Here is what I found out:

I like long veils. But not TOO long. Regal Length and Cathedral length were out. All the fabric was so difficult to manage. Chapel length was manageable but still seemed slightly bothersome to keep up with. Waltz length would have been too short, though. I needed something in between.

I've always known I wanted to wear a blusher, but I discovered that I did not want something as long as a fingertip length blusher, but I did want the blusher to be longer then shoulder length.

And finally, I confirmed my earlier suspicions that poof = evil. I still wanted something really simple and sheer like a drop veil but that had more structure and that would drape behind my back instead of all around me. The poof of the veil around your head/face is measured by the width of the veil fabric. The wider the fabric, the more gatherings there will be at the comb, which results in a poofier look. Standard width for most veils is 72in. Extra full is around 108in, and sheer is 54in.

So armed with this information I went back to Veil Shop to see what I could order. Sadly, their veils start at the standard width and they didn't have any veils between the waltz and chapel length. So I popped back over to Occansey Designs. Occansey Designs can customize your veil in pretty much any manor you could want. So after looking at a ton of their picture galleries I decided I wanted the below:

^ A floor length veil of 76in long. This was a great compromise b/t the chapel and waltz lengths. I got the length I wanted without the hassle (note: my veil does NOT have rhinestones!)

^ A blusher that was elbow length. Once again, the perfect compromise between fingertip and shoulder length. Average elbow length is 29in but I customized mine to 27in, cause I'm short and the model is like 5'10. If I had to change anything I would go back and get the 29in, but really it's not that important (note: my blusher does NOT have rhinestones!)

I also had the above veil specially cut to a SUPER sheer width at the top of just 25 inches while retaining the width at the bottom of 54 inches. If I had to do it again I probably would have gotten the ULTRA sheer of just 12 wide at the top. 12inches = minimal poof.

The great thing about Occansey Designs was the super cheap price of $63 with taxes and shipping, and the 1 week turnaround for delivery. The only bad thing is that you can't return anything, so you better have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. If I had to do it again I would make small adjustments here and there, but overall I really like the veil...it's a keeper! It gives me the sheer look of the drop veil that I wanted but it also gives me the structure of a normal veil that I needed.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bella Designs - Alexandria Jewelry

Apparently it's going to be a Bella type of week for me. My hair salon first turned me on to Bella Designs a few months ago, and the Alexandria based owner, Melissa, has some really lovely things, especially for a bride or a bridesmaid. More importantly, a lot of it is very reasonably priced. You can shop online, or if you prefer the hands on experience there is going to be a jewelry party at Periwinkle in Alexandria, next Thursday March 6th from 6 to 8 p.m.

^These earrings are my favorite. The Lindsay chandelier earrings look so delicate and are very art deco chic. $32.

^The Elizabeth Bracelet. $110.

^Lacy Necklace. $65.

^Thea Necklace. $135.
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Sample Sale at Hannelore's

Check out Hannelore's website for a listing of their current sample sale gowns! They list designers, style names and prices. You could snag a great deal on your dream Monique Lhuillier or Reem Acra dress...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bella Bella Beautiful!

In a couple of weeks we'll be sending out our invitations. I really liked an idea I saw in a back issue of Martha Stewart to use wrap-around labels for the invitations. Your name/address are pre-printed on the back so you don't have to write it out over and over again.

It was cute. Cheaper then calligraphy, and Martha even provided an online template, so you didn't have to worry about font, spacing etc. All I had to do was run the printout through my STICKER MACHINE, crease it with my BONE FOLDER, cut it out with my UTILITY KNIFE, and trim the edges with my PINKING SHEARS.

Sure Martha....whatever. I have no doubt that many a crafty bride out there already owns these things. But I'm not a crafty bride. I'm a full time job bride who doesn't make her own anything and by the time I went out and bought all these things (that I'd never use again) I could have just paid someone to do this for me.

Thus began the search on how to do the wraparound labels without actually doing it myself. Luckily, I stumbled across The Bella Bella Co. Couture Correspondence site. Her website isn't quite ready for prime time, but The Bella Bella Co. etsy shop is in full swing! In her shop were these beautiful wrap around labels.

^click me to enlarge, it's worth it!

The description said there were tons of different pattern choices and they could sell in bulk of 250 labels for $125. That's only 50 cents a label. Much cheaper then calligraphy and it's something most of your guests haven't seen before. Now I'm not inviting 250 people but I figured I could use them on the thank-you cards as well as on any other mailing I have to do over the next year since it has our address pre-printed on the back.

Sadly, by the time I got around to ordering the labels they were sold out. But I contacted The Bella Bella Co. and they had no problem doing a printing for me. They whipped up the below design based on our invitation.

^Click me to enlarge, it's worth it!

Printing took about 2 weeks and they came in the mail yesterday! They look good and I'm really happy with the ease and professionalism of the service I had.

Be sure to check out the other pretty things in The Bella Bella Co. Couture Correspondence Etsy Shop - their cards are beautiful! and they also do wine labels, address labels, monograms, etc.

And of course they also have a blog, which I promptly added to my blog reader. The Blah, Blah, Blahg - Pretty Procrastination is a design inspiration blog. But I learned from reading that the owner of The Bella Bella Co. is about to get married! My personal favorite part of the blog is the On the Dowload a.k.a. Freebie Friday's. Every Friday Miss B. gives out a free template for labels, gift tags, to-do lists, etc. that you can download and do on your own. Which is perfect for you crafty brides (cause I know you are out there).
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Southern Comfort for the Southern Bride

Not that type of “comfort” (although there are probably be plenty of times when you’ll need a drink or two during your wedding planning process). I’m talking about the kind of comfort that only a comprehensive site like atlantabridal.com can offer. This is a great starting point for any bride taking on the arduous task of planning a wedding. The site is very detailed, and very easy to navigate. They offer loads of information on cakes, catering, DJ’s, health/beauty, photographers, reception sites, fashion, online store, bridal events, flowers, gifts, destination weddings, budgeting, jewelry, wedding books, honeymoons, dance lessons, transportation and much, much more!

Web site: http://www.atlantabridal.com/

The Flushing Bride!

At-home and secluded outdoor weddings can be wonderful ways for any couple to say “I Do.” Something tells me, however, that one concern often overlooked by many brides is the restroom. Royal Restrooms has the perfect solution for such a problem . . . portable bathrooms. Now these are not your average port-a-potties. These are stylish, spacious mobile restroom trailers that are ideal for outdoor and at-home weddings/receptions/parties.

Standard amenities include: flushing porcelain toilets, sinks and running water, interior & exterior lighting, premium paper products, vanities, hand soap, heat/AC, rugs, pictures, flowers and mints!

Web site: http://www.royalrestrooms.com/
Phone: 404-841-2225

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Up, Up . . . and AWAY!!!

Air Atlanta is the premier helicopter tour company in Atlanta. They offer romantic and reasonably priced helicopter tours of the city starting at $35 per person. The intimacy and experience of the ride is priceless. The helicopter is only used for your party, so you don't have to worry about sharing your experience with strangers. Air Atlanta encourages photography. In fact, they will post any footage you'd like to share with them onto their web site. Passengers usually board at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport; however, the helicopter can pick you up at any location that will grant permission and enough space for a safe landing (for an additional charge).

Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to ensure that they are able to accommodate your date and time requests.

Alcohol is allowed on board, so enjoy your champagne toast!

Some of the Featured Tours:
King and Queen ($35/person 5-10 min)Buckhead ($70/person 10-15 min)
Buckhead Governor’s Mansion ($90/person 15-20 min)
Downtown and Atlanta Zoo ($110/person 20-25 min)
Downtown and Decatur ($130/person 25-30 min)
Stone Mountain ($110/person 20-25 min)
Chattahoochee River to Deans Gardens ($110/person 20-25 min)
Phone: 770-458-7771

Back from the west coast...

As you can see from the above picture, I just got back from California ( that is actually a picture of Tahoe) it was a good trip, long time being away from the FI but as they say Distance makes the heart grow fonder :) Now I'm back and just less than 7 months till the wedding day...yesterday was exactly 7 months. I am meeting with our florist again on Monday to go over our budget...I have had to cut back on some of our Floral budget, and I want to make sure that we can still have what I was thinking originially, just on a lower budget. Next up on my check list is the Wedding Rings. FI surprised me yesterday by suggesting we go look at places this weekend, who am I to turn down the opportunity to go jewlery shopping! We started doing some temporary looking around online to search places and we are going to the following four places this weeekend.

1) Tiffany's --I know cliche, it's where we purchased my engagment ring, and I know there is a wedding band we like there, but we think we can save some money by not going for the brand name. This is a picture of the Band that I love there :

^ This is more of a Channel Set ring, and I am not sure yet if that is what I want. I know I do want a diamond wedding band, but I only want the diamonds to go half way around .

2. Charleston Alexander Diamond Importers -- This place carries A.Jaffe Wedding bands ( I think they are beautiful) so that is what attracted me, they are also located in Falls Church ( and Bethesda) so they are not to far from us. I will let you know more once I actually visit them on Saturday but below are a couple of A.Jaffe Wedding Bands that I like.

3. Washington Diamond-- FI found this store since it is located right near us. They have a great selection of wedding bands (they say they have the best selection in the DC area), So we are checking them out on Saturday also. Once again I will let you know a full report once I have actually visited the stores!

4. I-Gorman, as you know from Miss. Capitol Hill , this is where her and her FI purchased there Engagment Rings. It is also located across the street from where FI and I are having our reception, so we have looked in there windows before and we liked what we saw!

I will let everyone know what we find next week :) If anybody has any jewlery stores they want to suggest, please let me know!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

J'Adore Details

Ahh the details...how we do love them. And we aren't the only ones! Southern California based photographers Jasmine Star, Drew Bittel, Trista Lerit, and Ameila Lyon love them too. So much so that they came up with a brilliant idea. They've created a website devoted to the great vendors they've worked with over the years and the little details that make for fabulous weddings.

I know you're probably thinking "how do a bunch of great California vendors help me plan my D.C. wedding?" The pictures of course! The J'Adore Details website is filled with beautiful pictures for inspiration. Click on the websites of the recommended vendors and you'll have even more details to drink in.

And as if that wasn't enough, be sure to check out the J'Adore Details Blog as well. It has just begun but with four talented photographers contributing I'm sure it will be filled with amazing photos. The blog will be updated with great little details from the brilliant weddings they shoot.

^Photo credited to DrewB Photography

^Photo credited to Jasmine Star

^Photo credited to Jasmine Star
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Since You're Voting Anyway....

It's time for the Knot's Real Wedding Awards. That's right another place for you to look over hundreds of thousands of real weddings while at work :)

It's kind of cool though and there are some great shots out there. You can voe for best overall wedding as well as best individual picture.

we have entered four weddings into the mix. (Vendors are allowed, so I am not breaking some Knottie Rule and expect to be trashed on the boards....:)

Since we show love over here, I encourage everyone to head on over and browse the photos. If you happen to see Lauren and Steve, Zahira and Michael, Kim and Errol (pictured above), or Marina and Luke and want to LEAVE YOUR VOTE!!!

That would be really sweet. Remember you can VOTE FOR THE ENTIRE WEDDING or you can vote for an individual image.

Whatever you decide is fine......... WINK!

In the wise words of Erykah Badu: What a day, what a day...

It began at 4 a.m this morning when I woke up, packed and left home for my 6:59 flight. Reagan was a breeze, as was the connection through Memphis. And finally, I arrived in Destin,Florida for my whirlwind week of wedding planning with my grandparents.

I was greeted by my Oma (German
for grandmother) who after a few hugs and kisses on the cheek had me at a bridal salon within 20 minutes of my arrival in the Sunshine state. I tried on 5 dresses to appease her, and as predicted, she fell in love with one in particular...one which I disliked so much I have no idea as to who the designer is.

Then, it was immediately o
ff to lunch and then to the church- Ressurection Parish-- where we met with father Tom who was fantastic. I present to you the place where I will marry Mr. Shirlington (and I promise not to change it again).

What you see here is the baptismal pool and the altar directly behind it. There are no walls in the curch, only windows that show off the natural oceanic beauty for almost 365 degrees

After that, Oma and I hit up the Embassy Suites just a minute's walk from the church. Our block of rooms is locked in at a rate of $129 per night. The guests should be more than happy with the huge atrium, suites that include a sitting room, office and bar, heated pool, inlcuded hot breakfast and walking access to the beach.

Next we hit up venue option number one. The Beach Walk has a private room that can squeeze in 50 people for a seated dinner. The room rental is $150 dollars and 75$ per person. The whole restaurant can be rented out for no rental charge as long as the reception ends by 5:30pm. Dinner is $75 per person, including beer, wine, linens and cake cutting fee. I absolutely LOVED this place. We can also bring in a DJ and seat up to 100. This is my beautiful Oma posing on the stairs we would descend to make our entrance and then the restaurant. More photos to follow in the next post.

The beach is what makes this place. Please see the next post for the view that sealed the deal! Tomorrow we visit a second reception venue, a florist and a bakery.


Needless to say, my night ended with vanilla ice cream (with Bailey's) and my grandfather's Andrew Lloyd Weber DVD blasting opera music...seriously. But it's nice to have people fussing over me and my wedding plans for the first time since all this began in July, and so nice to not be doing it alone. Here are more photos of Beachwalk.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time to Vote!

So if the Potomac Primaries and American Idol haven't quenched your thirst to feel like your voice matters in something, head on over to Love Life Images to cast your vote for a deserving couple.

As I previously wrote Love Life Images is holding a contest in which the winner will receive free Wedding Day Photography. Each of the finalist had to send in a creative photo of the "love of their life" and a litte story about why that person is important in their life.

The finalists have been chosen and now we, loyal photography blog stalkers, will decide which couple gets to save a few thousand dollars on photography for their wedding. I already voted for my fave (I liked the first couple!) and now it's your turn. Go Vote!


Hot Off The Press - Another Martha Coup

Breaking Industry News: Martha Stewart Buys WeddingWire


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Enters Transactions With WeddingWire

MSLO Expands its Weddings Franchise by Taking 40 Percent Stake, Signing Commercial Agreement with Online Wedding Planning Company

NEW YORK, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. NYSE: MSO today announced a series of transactions with WeddingWire (www.weddingwire.com), a localized wedding platform that combines an online marketplace with planning tools and a social community. The deal is part of MSLO's strategy to accelerate its digital footprint and expand its Weddings franchise online and in print. It includes the acquisition of approximately 40 percent of the equity in WeddingWire and a commercial agreement related to software and content licensing and media sales.

WeddingWire was created by a team of entrepreneurs, including two founding members of Blackboard Inc., to provide engaged couples with comprehensive vendor search and easy-to-use online planning and community tools. The platform's SmartMatch(TM) technology allows brides and grooms to find, research, and receive quick price quotes from vendors in their area, saving couples time, energy and money. WeddingWire offers a range of additional applications, including tools for creating a wedding website, managing budgets, guest lists, and seating charts. It also features social networking and user-generated content tools to help couples make better, more informed decisions.

Read Release in its entirety HERE.

Simple Beauty

I found this beautiful detail shot on the blog of talented Atlanta photographer Liana Lehman. The centerpiece encorporates a lot of hot wedding trends right now...clusters of vases instead of one floral centerpiece, using antique flea market glass, and the use vivid colors with black. Personally, I just like the simplicity. It's very refereshing.

If you're a Georgia bride be sure to check out more of Liana's work on the Liana Photography website and her blog Liana's Bananas. If you want to see more of the wedding from whence this pic came check out Callie and Eric's North Georgia Wedding.
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Crane & Co Event

We've been invited to join Crane and Co. at their Falls Church and Fairfax Blue Tulip stores for an invitation design workshop. Whoo Hooo! I LOVE Crane papers, I use them exclusively for my note writing. Something about the feel of the paper and how classic Crane is....

They will be discussing invitation essentials including trends, etiquette and how to select the right invitation for your soiree. Everyone who attends will get a chance to win free wedding invitations by Crane & Co. Gift bags will be available to all attendees.

If anyone would like to attend, they'll be happy to set up time for you to meet with Peter Hopkins, Crane's historian who is visiting for the seminar.

The events are:

Wed. Feb 20
Blue Tulip
Idylwood Plaza - 7505 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA
6 - 8pm

Sun. Feb 24
Blue Tulip

Fairfax, VA
East Market at Fair Lakes - 4475 Market Commons Drive
11 - 1pm

Monday, February 18, 2008

Photography for Everyone Else!

Mary Kate McKenna
is a fantastic wedding photography and those of your that can nab her for your weddings are extremely lucky, but she is also a true photographer that has a love for the craft and sees tremendous beauty in everything she can point her camera at. So for everyone else here is a terrific contest being held by Mary Kate, that I think is uber neat! if I had a little one, i would SO be entering.

What is Day in the Life?
A Day in the Life photo session is a great way to document a very special time in the life of a child and their family. A session can start at any part of the child's day- when they get up, when they eat breakfast, or after they wake up from their afternoon nap. We can take photos of them playing, taking a bath, and sleeping… anything that goes on in a typical day. It's really fun to do, and it is a great is a great way to share with friends and family what an average day is like in your home. Sessions last about 3 hours.

What’s the Contest?
I’m looking for some great stories! I want to hear about how you, your friends, family, or co-workers spend their weekends. Are they lazy days, spent on the couch reading and making cookies? Are they jam-packed, full of swim lessons and soccer practices? Bike rides, birthday parties and dog walks? A little of everything? I want to know!
Be as brief or as detailed as you’d like. I’d love to get to know these families through what you write. Be creative! (but truthful!)

What Do I Win?
One lucky family will win a Day in the Life photo shoot with me valued at $500. This includes

  • A photo session at your home/park/any place you choose on March 1, 2008 within 60 miles of DC
  • Hi-resolution CD of 50 images, in both color and b&w
  • Online digital proofs hosted for 3 months on Pictage.com to share with family & friends
  • Coffee table book of your favorite 25 images

Who Will Judge the Contest?
Some awesome people!

Jaime Windon- Better known in DC as the Blonde Photographer
Kim Seidl- San Diego photog, and one of my dear friends
Marissa Flaxbart- My best friend since 7th grade, and a fantastically funny writer
My Mom- Enough said!

What are the Rules?
1) Anyone can enter friends, family, co-workers, or even their own family
2) Only one entry per person
3) Photoshoot will take place on Saturday, March 1st- they must be available on that day!
4) Photoshoot must be within 60 miles of DC
5) E-mails must be sent to me, at MK@MKMcKenna.com, by MIDNIGHT on Friday, February 22nd. E-mails must include:

  • Subject heading needs to be “Contest”
  • Introduction to the family you’re entering and your relationship with them
  • Story about the family and kids (and pets!) and why you think they should win, and what goes on during a typical Saturday at their home
  • A photo of the family
  • Your e-mail address and an e-mail of someone in the family

6) A winner will be chosen by the judges and will be announced on Monday, February 25th on my blog.

So spread the word!

Feel free to blog this and e-mail this to friends, family, and co-workers- everyone is invited to enter.

If you have any questions, e-mail me, MK@MKMcKenna.com.

Jenny Lee

It's been mentioned a few times here and there, but I'd like to dedicate this post to my favorite wedding dress designer: Jenny Lee. The way she drapes fabric, strategically places roushing and shapes a gown is unmatched. She's so good that I have really considered spending 3 thousand dollars MORE than I planned to on a dress -- especially for a girl like me, who's not skinny, but lacks a traditional hour glass shape.

Exhibit A:

And from that angle, this dress looks like a simple a-line. But there's a big surprise in the back.

I love this dress. I just can't get over it! It's a ton of fabric but feels like you're wearing a sundress, which is exactly what this beach bride is looking for.

And then on the other hand, there will be just over 50 people at the wedding, 34 of which will be family. Who do I really need to impress with a designer $5,000 dress? Last night Mr. Shirlington and I had a dress discussion, and I even made him go through the latest Martha Stewart Weddings to point out what he does and does not like. I know he would love this dress!!! AHHH!! Why can't Jenny Lee be one of those old family friends who would gift me my dream gown?